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Statehood Day of the Republic of Serbia

Serbia, Germany sign Agreement on cooperation in field of culture, education and science


Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and German Ambassador to Serbia Thomas Schieb signed today the Agreement on cooperation between the two countries in the field of culture, education and science.

After the signing of the agreement, Brnabic said that this is a result of a long work of over ten years on harmonisation of everything that this all-encompassing Agreement contains.

The Prime Minister underlined that the Agreement will be of greatest utility to educational institutions, scientific institutes, cultural institutions and the film industry, but also to young people as it deals with cooperation in the field of youth entrepreneurship and sports.

She recalled that Germany is our most important trade partner and the largest bilateral donor, with German companies in Serbia employing over 76,000 workers.

Last year we reached trade exchange with Germany in the amount of €6.5 billion, and if we look at the overall exchange of goods and services, in 2021 it reached almost €8 billion, Brnabic stated.

The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction with the fact that the signing of the Agreement on cooperation in the field of culture, education and science additionally deepens cooperation between Serbia and Germany and creates bases for even more successful partnership in the years to come.

I thank the entire team at the Embassy and the German government who have worked with us on this, followed every step and were persistent enough so that we could get today to the point where we are, the Prime Minister said.

The nicer part of the job is now ahead of us, she added, and that is the implementation, which will be to the benefit of the young people, students, scientific and cultural institutions.

Schieb expressed gratitude to the Serbian government and the Prime Minister on their contribution to signing this Agreement, noting that in this way cooperation in the field of culture, education and science between the two countries is being raised to a higher level.

Serbia reliable partner for German companies


Prime Minister Ana Brnabic talked today with representatives of the German Economy Committee for the East about strengthening economic cooperation, business of German companies in Serbia and prospects for investing investors from this country in new areas.

Pointing to the fact that Germany is among the leading economic and foreign trade partners, the Prime Minister assessed that this country is one of the most important foreign investors in Serbia.

She pointed out that, thanks to the reforms it is implementing, Serbia is a reliable partner for German companies, which are, at the same time, an instrument of success for the Serbian economy in terms of work systems and technologies they bring to our market.

In addition, economic cooperation is increasingly including investments in the high-tech sector, which, as the Prime Minister explained, is one of the priority tasks of this and the future government of Serbia.

Representatives of the Committee of German Economy for the East assessed that the cooperation with Serbia is very good and that there is a positive growth trend, not only when it comes to the arrival of German companies in Serbia, but also in the quality of their investments.

The officials also discussed cooperation in the field of education, bearing in mind that Germany is one of Serbia's main partners in the development of the dual education system.

Potential areas of cooperation have been defined, such as energy transition, environmental protection and digitalisation.

Opinions were also exchanged on future steps that would further facilitate the business of German investors and contribute to future cooperation being even more successful.

In addition to the representatives of the Committee of the German Economy for the East, the meeting was also attended by Ambassador of Germany to Serbia Thomas Schieb.

Selaković: Serbia is actively involved in combating terrorism, radicalism and extremism


Today, in Marrakesh, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Nikola Selaković participated in the Ministerial Meeting of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS.

Minister Selaković said that Serbia was committed to the multilateral aspect of the fight against terrorism, adding that he firmly believed the United Nations should be the key forum for international cooperation in this field.

Minister Selaković stated that Serbia was fulfilling all international obligations pertaining to the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions, especially those related to the introduction of arms embargoes, including bans aimed at non-state actors, terrorist organisations and related individuals. He emphasised that Serbia was a signatory to 15 international conventions against terrorism. “By participating in multinational UN and EU peacekeeping missions, Serbia is making a concrete contribution to preserving regional and global security,” Minister Selaković said, paying tribute to a member of the Serbian Army, Lieutenant Colonel Dejan Stanojević and his colleagues, who tragically lost their lives on March 29 in the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“Serbia does not diminish the importance of other international forums, which is why it joined the Global Coalition from the very beginning, and selflessly contributes to international efforts to fight ISIS, primarily through various forms of donations in military equipment, ammunition, and training in Iraqi security forces”, Minister Selaković said. He added that as a candidate country for membership in the European Union, Serbia gave its full contribution through active participation in European policies on the fight against terrorism, and had developed a strategic cooperation with EUROPOL.

Minister Selaković noted that Serbian criminal legislation provided instruments to prevent and punish the encouragement, organisation, and participation of its citizens in wars or conflicts in foreign countries. He explained that the Serbian judicial authorities had completed proceedings against 7 persons engaged in foreign battlefields, and that several investigations against persons connected with terrorist activities were underway.

Minister Selaković said that the fight against terrorism, radicalism and extremism was a priority, and that Serbia was actively involved in combating these challenges and threats at the domestic, regional, and international level.

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